Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy?

You can buy dry food for the dog at UGpet local shop in Japan. In the case you live in the distant place, please use a internet mail order (

Why smell of the fish? (GRAINFREE FISH)

We coordinate combination so that a smell is controlled as much as possible, however, the smell of the fish comes out because we use a fish luxuriously.

The color of the pellet is black, will you use the coloring agent? There is something like white grain in food, what is this?

We do not use a coloring agent at all. ingredient color affects the color of the pellets.

Do not worry, because it is said that the palatableness of dogs does not vary with the color.

There is something like white grain in food, what is this?

As for the white grain, most are bones. Bones are sources of supply of the minerals. Do not worry, because there is no problem with the quality of products.

There is something like white thread in food, what is this?

As for the white thread, most are gristle. Do not worry, because there is no problem with the quality of products.

It seems that the expiration date is long, Do you use the synthetic preservatives?

We use the citric acid and the rosemary extract which are a natural antioxidant without using the synthetic preservatives. It costs but adopts it because suppressing the oxidation of the food as much as possible is important.

In addition, a lot of polyphenols is contained in the ingredients which we use. These show an effect for not only a good effect on the health maintenance but also the oxidization prevention.

Our products were adjusted to be able to use for a month after opening. However, please keep in dry and dark place after letting air as much as possible and sealing it up. Also, please use our food early as much as possible because the natural preservatives are low antioxidant effect than the synthetic.

Is there the problem with giving the same food to an adult dog and a senior?

There is no problem even if you give it because this food is adapted to a puppy and an adult dog and a senior dog.

In the senior period, aging care is particularly needed. Various polyphenol of adzuki beans, blueberries, cassis and the grape seed extract is contained luxuriously. Also, we use other ingredients which help the health maintenance of each internal organ.

Regardless of age, the health consideration is necessary. It is natural that the adult dog gets old too. We recommend considering the health of your dog from youth because our dog food contains an abundant ingredient so as to adapt to the senior period.

The color of the feces became black, why does it become black?

The safety of limonite is recognized in U.S. Cornell University. Also, it is demonstrated in the chronic toxicity examination by the domestic testing institution.

Do garlic and the ginger have harms for a dog?

The garlic is very useful and contains a lot of specific ingredients. Also, it is adopted as a study in the NCI (the American National Cancer Institute).

The ginger contains a lot of specific ingredients such as the gingerol and the shogaol.

We use just a little garlic and ginger because they are useful ingredients for the health of dogs if quantity is not wrong.

Salt is contained, may it not be good for the dog?

The salt is essential to maintain life for an animal. Because dogs do not sweat, it may be said that an intake of the salt is hardly necessary, but most of the salt are exhausted not sweat by urine.

In the standard of AAFCO, (The Association of American Feed Control Officials) it is said that sodium is needed at least 0.3%(the puppy stage) and 0.06%(the adult dog stage). We add a minimum to maintain the health of all stages.

Minerals and vitamins are contained, Is it not an excessive intake?

Minerals and vitamins are added based on a standard of AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials). Do not worry because we do not add it excessively.

A main ingredients of normal dog food is the meat which removed a bone and blood. Usually, the meats removing bones and blood are used as main ingredients of dog food.In this case, they may be in short supply because dogs could take in enough minerals and vitamins in the nature world, and the nourishment can not balance. Also, The amount of mineral and vitamin in the natural ingredients is different according to time because it is natural ingredients. Therefore, we balance the nourishment as Complete and Balanced food by adding minerals and vitamins of the required amount.

Why are not you using wheat?

Because many dogs have wheat allergy.

Why are not you using corn?

Because some dogs have corn allergy.

Why are not you using soy?

Because some dogs have soy allergy.